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President/CEO 319.352.5600 Ext.112
Technical Director 408.224.8800
General Manager, RDI Suzhou 011.86.512.6265.1902

Sales/Marketing Director 319.352.5600 Ext.111
Logistics Facilitator 319.352.5600 Ext.118
Military/Industrial Sales 616.446.7082

Mfg. Manager 319.352.5600 Ext.120
Tooling Manager 319.352.5600 Ext.117
Quality Facilitator 319.352.5600 Ext.113

HR Director 319.352.5600 Ext.0

"RDI employees have a combined 72,361 years of rubber industry experience. Okay, we made that up, but research does show that people really like statistics. They also like knowledgable, friendly people to work with. So please use the pictures and information on this page to help get in contact with the RDI team member who is just right to help you out."