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Henrich Rubber

Hand Apply

  • Applies easily by hand or machine
  • Saves time and labor
  • Low cost
  • Reusable
  • Holds for a year without leaving dents, residue or stains
  • Use on wood, plastic or metal

Bundling bands are available in different grades, choice of colors, and they can be imprinted with your name, logo, instructions, or message.

Important facts about using bundling bands on wood

It is important to know when buying rubber bands that bands can be made cheaper by using clay and other heavy cheap fillers along with rubber. The price per lb. goes down as the clay percentage increases, as clay is cheaper than rubber. But as the clay percentage increases the number of bands per lb. is decreased by the heavy clay filler. Each rubber band weighs more. It appears that you are paying less when you actually pay more because there are fewer bands per lb.

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The second thing to know is that cheap bands will not stay on your product. They pop off after a period of time and bleed colors off on wood products preventing the wood from being painted or stained properly. Not so with the Henrich Band, which will stay on your product for over a year and never color or stain your wood.

  • In 1990 the Henrich Company developed the formula used for our bands. That formula has not been changed in 17 years because it has proven to meet the demands of the wood industry. Not one case of color bleed off or chemical residue has been reported to us.
  • Other companies can sell you rubber bands but can they guarantee that their bands will not bleed color or chemical residue on your wood? They buy from manufacturers that are not aware of the needs of the wood industry and can change their formulas without notifying your supplier. Yes, this has happened. The Henrich Band is always made out of the Henrich Wood Formula.
  • Whenever you can, deal with experts! Rubber is our business, not a sideline. So deal with us, your rubber experts, and trust that we will see that you have a good product to use. Remember, you will never have tie or strap indents on your wood when your use a Henrich Rubber Band.