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Technical Contents

The RDI Technical Info section of this website is a valuable resource for purchasing agents, engineers, and anyone seeking information on rubber molding or purchasing rubber parts. The following guides, charts, and reference papers cover everything from basic overviews to the most intricate technical details.
Much of the information from these references can be easily downloaded for your personal use on the Downloads Page. If you have a specific question, or would like to discuss any of the information presented here, please call RDI Engineering at 1-408-224-8800.

The following is a list and brief overview of each page in the Tech Info section.

Services Overview

Read about what we can provide for you and also about some of the industries we serve. This page also contains a product line card.

Engineering Supplement

The purpose of this publication is to provide a uniform method of stating engineering requirements in a manner readily recognized as a "standard" whereby these various degrees of accuracy and acceptability can be described by general nomenclature. Examines tolerances, finish, flash, packaging etc.

FDA Regulations for Rubber

Rubber Development, Inc. offers its customers materials for their products that are used in numerous food contact applications. We find that often there is confusion over the definition of “FDA Approved.” We hope this bulletin will clarify that definition and what RDI offers its customers with regards to materials intended to come in contact with food.

Rubber Technology 101

A guide to rubber chemistry and vulcanization created by Rubber Development's Technical Director, Andrew Holloway.

Basic Rubber Compounding

This is a guide devoted to rubber compounding and formulation.

Industry Terms

Use this guide as a reference to the technical language and jargon used in the rubber industry.

Material Development

This guide provides information on material development, prototyping and design consulting.

Compound Key

This chart provides information on the properties and resistances of some general elastomers.

Chemical Resistance Charts

These comprehensive chemical resistance tables outline the properties of various elastomers.

Downloadable Info

Use our download center to open our reference guides in easy to print formats.