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Henrich Rubber

Anchor Bands

The new "tie that binds" and grows with your plants!
  • Anchor bands offer a "set and forget" approach to training plants.
  • Anchor bands will save time and labor at almost half the cost of their competition.
  • They don't need to be adjusted becasue they are highly elastic and will expand as your plants grow.
  • Anchor bands are gentle on your plants, yet provide an excellent grip.
  • They will not fall down during high winds and cause damage to your plants.

Anchor bands "break down" after 12-18 months depending on UV exposure. This safeguard prevents the plant from outgrowing the stetching ability of the band. This innovative biodegradable rubber tie overcomes the familiar problems of trellis and stake grown plants secured by permanant ties. Anchor bands offer all the benefits of conventional ties without all the drawbacks.

Anchor bands can be used for many different situations - just use your imagination! The bands are available in 4 sizes for vineyards, nurseries, climbing roses, and vegetables.


Samples available upon request. Call for samples or current pricing. PH:888.770.8530