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About Henrich

“When you want to be sure – use a Henrich product!”

Henrich Rubber Company started selling rubber bands for the bundling of wood moulding in 1989. Because wood moulding bundles can be up to 16 feet in length, the bands had to be very strong and capable of holding lumber together for at least one year. The moulding companies required the assurance that the Henrich rubber band would not leave any chemical residue or band color on the wood which could prevent the wood from being painted or stained. As a result, time and money were spent in research and development to create just the right formula specifically for this application.

For more than 20 years this formula has been used in making our bundling bands that do not stain and hold for at least one year. Since 1996, Henrich hinge bumpers have been used to protect pre-hung wooden doors from hinge damage during shipping.

In 2006, Rubber Development Inc. acquired Henrich Rubber Company. We continued in the Henrich tradition of innovation by introducing anchor bands for plant nurseries, vineyards, and other applications. We also began to offer plastic hinge protectors for use with shipping pre-hung doors and push-N-lock door plugs for securing pre-hung doors to their jambs.